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Boyd Wilson, LLC is a company of professionals whose goals are to enhance your property value and the quality of your community, by offering a full range of management and financial services for homeowner associations.

Boyd Wilson, LLC focuses in the following services for Homeowner Associations:

Property Management Service


Financial Services

Great management. Happy homeowners.

At Boyd Wilson, we pride ourselves on pro-active communication with every Board of Directors we serve. We offer a full range of management and financial services designed to enhance both the quality of your community and your property values. The following is a brief synopsis of services Boyd Wilson provides for our clients:

Fiscal Management

Boyd Wilson performs all banking and financial administration work, including bank reconciliations, collecting monthly payments from homeowners, managing reserve accounts, and the preparation of timely and accurate financial statements. We prepare and recommend the first draft of the Association's annual operating and capital budgets, developing and fine-tuning long range plans as needed. We actively pursue delinquent home owners for payment of any arrearages, utilizing the Association's power as provided for under Title 68 of the Consolidated Statutes of Pennsylvania. For piece of mind, all Boyd Wilson financial activities are overseen by one of our in-house Certified Public Accountants (CPA).

Property Management

Our hands-on approach to property management ensures your neighborhood looks its best. Boyd Wilson performs periodic site walk-throughs of common areas to evaluate vendor performance and correct small issues before they become large ones. We prepare uniform bid specifications when applicable, negotiate contracts, and coordinate all capital project work. We also address resident complaints and/or service requests arranging follow-up action by the Board when necessary. Boyd Wilson provides a 24-hour per day/ 365 days a year emergency service line to handle common area maintenance emergencies.

Administrative Management

Our team of adept community managers can assist Board members in understanding the Association's governing documents, and recommend changes or modifications where appropriate. We help the Board define reasonable rules and the enforcement standards for those rules (i.e. minimum fines vs. progressive fines, dealing with repeat rules offenders, effective methods of dealing with growing delinquencies, etc.) Your community manager will attend Board meetings and the annual meeting of the Association, creating property management reports and meeting materials. In compliance with state law, we also prepare time-sensitive resale disclosure certificates for the resale of homes within the neighborhood.

Success is in the details…

When evaluating management companies, be sure to look for professional credentials that confirm the management firm meets certain professional standards, including licensing, proven success in our niche industry, responsible financial net worth standards, proper insurance/bonding, a depth of experienced personnel, and a professional work culture.

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